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Florida Writing Standards Professional Development Session

I am attaching the recording from the professional development session I presented on information I learned from a recent meeting with the Florida Department of Education’s Assessment team on the … Continue reading

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A Classroom Inclusion Plan

Philosophy of Inclusion The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of   2004 changed the special education field for the better. Teachers are now required to make sure the student can function … Continue reading

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How Teachers Can Help Students With ADHD

Teachers across the nation are asking the same questions. How can I teach when the student will not stay in their seat, blurts out answers, and cannot pay attention to … Continue reading

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The Long Term Impact of ADHD and How Teachers Can Help

Children diagnosed with ADHD have significant disadvantages to children without ADHD in the general classroom in relation to being able to learn new academic and social skills, because of the … Continue reading

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The Curriculum Map and Why You Need One

In most classrooms across the country, teachers follow a month to month guideline of what they need to teach that is guided by state standards or common core standards. What … Continue reading

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I Should Do What With Data?

Most of you in the teaching field, and maybe some of you in other fields, have heard the phrase “make sure your instruction is driven from your data”. And like … Continue reading

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AlphaSmart 3000 vs IPad 2

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Red Queens and Increasing Returns

Based on watching the two videos featuring Dr. David Thornburg where he discussed the forces of increasing returns and Red Queens, I learned many things about these two subjects. Below … Continue reading

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The Disruptive Power of Second Life

Dr. Thornburg (Laureate Education Inc., 2009) defined disruptive technology as the process where new technology is developed that is like a current piece of technology, but is more efficient that … Continue reading

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We live in times where communication is the center of the lives of most people. The type of communication seems to evolve continually. Mostly communication is good, but sometimes communication … Continue reading

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